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The school bus takes off with Bart at the wheel. Bart : Look at me, I'm Otto! I'm a hundred years old and I drive a school bus! Otto : Oh, man.

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Maybe me and Metallica can go splitsies on a cab. Hans Moleman slowly drives by in a pickup truck, with Metallica and their gear in the bed of the truck.

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Kirk Hammett : Hey, loser, we got a ride from a real fan! Hans Moleman : I used to sleep with Lars' grandmother. Robert Trujillo : Never listen to our music again! Hans Moleman pulls away as Metallica plays an instrumental from the song, "Master of Puppets. Krusty the Clown : Well, I'm a little short this week.

Fat Tony drives the school carpool home. Fat Tony : Milhouse, may I borrow your three-ring binder? Milhouse holds up two binders. Milhouse : Garfield or Love Is? He hates Mondays.


Deals With The Devil Quotes

We can all relate. Michael and Fat Tony invite the Simpson family over for dinner. Marge : We'd love to! You know, I've never met your wife. Fat Tony : Sadly, my Anna Maria was whacked by natural causes. Marge : Oh, you're a widower. Fat Tony : I bring flowers to her grave every Sunday. Marge : Ooh, flowers every week!

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I wish I was dead. Homer : Mmm. Oh, this must be what angels taste like!

"This is a deal with the devil." Narcos quote S01E08 César Gaviria

Nelson finds out that Michael's father is Fat Tony. Nelson : Your dad's a mob boss? Laughs nervously Please don't have me whacked! I was just kiddin' around! We were all havin' fun.

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  8. Officials originally set the hurricane's death toll much lower than the final count. Taking or denying credit for momentous collective achievements is an age-old phenomenon in the political world.

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