How to get rid of coupon pop up ads

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Internet surfers see popups intrusive and annoying as they block them from continuing to view the page and require actions that site visitors may not want to take. In general, does it work or not?

Yes, if you do it the right way: to make popups less of an advertisement and more of a featured integrated as an exciting part of your website. Most of these tips are also well applicable for websites in general to help generating more clicks and conversions from popups. People see pop ups as intrusive and irritating because they block users from viewing the site until required actions are taken.

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Many websites even intentionally make the close button hard to find so that customers must perform action in order to turn off the popup. For the sake of users, we should use popups to help them make benefits from our business, not collecting their information for advertising and selling. If they do not wish to get the benefits, make the exit options easy and visible so that customers feel pleasant to have their own choice.

Remove Right Coupon pop-up ads (Removal Guide) - updated Oct

In this coupon popup example, the X close button is obvious right in the right top corner. In order to click on a pop up and perform an action to engage with your website, customers need some time to grasp a good understanding of your websites. Give them some few minutes to read over content on your website. When they navigate to the next pages, they are interested enough in your website to click on your popup for deeper engagement.

How to Create a Popup Coupon

The goal is to integrate coupon pop ups as a part of your store that make customers feel natural to see when they are on the site. If possible, try to design unique themes for your coupon popups that go with the overall template of the store. This website celebrated their 2-year Birth with a discount campaign.

They designed a unique coupon pop-up for the campaign using Better Coupon Box app.

Reasons why Right Coupon pop-up ads are bothering you

To make people pay attention to your popup windows and actually click on it, you need to make sure the copywriting highlights what customers will get from the popup. Keywords should be visible in the first 3 words because customers may turn off popup after glancing it for 1 second!

I've tried different browsers. I've tried reaching out to their support staff.

Remove Right Coupon Popup (for Chrome/FF/IE)

All to no avail. It's insanely frustrating having to home in on a 30x30 pixel square every time I load a new page.

There's another one going around about using Paypal and getting a nice discount for doing so. After much digging, I found out they dont take Paypal. Note: you might need to block multiple elements I did around I have tried that, using uBlock Origin, but every time they release a new coupon it bricks the webpage.

I've since stopped using the site and switched to Banggood for junk and Amazon for things that have to work.

This almost works but there is still something that prevents scrolling the page once you get rid of the visual elements. Cake Day.